Local Oncology Practice Receives National Certification

February 24, 2011

CONTACT: Alana Vaughn, Practice  Administrator
Louisiana  Hematology Oncology Associates

(Baton Rouge) – Louisiana Hematology Oncology Associates (LHOA) is now the only medical oncology practice in greater Baton Rouge  – and one of only two in Louisiana  –  to join fewer than 50 practices nationwide recognized by the national Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) Certification Program.

QOPI® is an affiliate of the  prestigious American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The QOPI®  Certification Program is an initiative launched in 2006 to certify oncology  practices that voluntarily meet the rigorous standards for high quality cancer  care. QOPI® certification is recognition from ASCO of a commitment to high  quality care and the demonstration that a certain level of performance – the  “gold standard” – has been met.

“Not only is our practice proud to have  achieved QOPI® certification, but we received a perfect score for the on-site  portion, or audit, part of the process,” explained  David S. Hanson, MD, FACP. “What QOPI®  Certification means to the patient is that Louisiana Hematology Oncology  Associates has achieved the ‘gold standard’ in cancer care. We are doing  everything we can do locally to meet the national standards of excellence.”

QOPI® analyzes individual practice data  and compares these to more than 80 different national quality measures that  must be met. These measures address the entire patient experience during chemotherapy  — from education, safety and psychological/social needs, to pain management,  follow-up care and more. QOPI® helps medical oncology practices ensure they are  providing excellence in patient care.

Immediate Past President of ASCO,  Douglas W. Blayney, MD, stated, “Increasingly educated patients and families  demand accountability and the highest standards from cancer care providers. The
QOPI® certification will allow oncologists in the community to be at the  forefront of cancer care and to be recognized for their quality. The  Certification Program will help practices determine whether they are providing  the best treatment and care possible to their patients, and demonstrates a  commitment to excellence and ongoing quality  improvement in the hematology-oncology outpatient practice.”

The QOPI® Certification Program  provides a three-year certification for outpatient hematology-oncology  practices that meet standards for quality cancer care.


About  ASCO:

The American Society of Clinical  Oncology (ASCO) is the world’s leading professional organization representing  physicians who care for people with cancer. With more than 28,000 members, ASCO  is committed to improving cancer care through scientific meetings, education  programs and peer-reviewed journals. For ASCO information and resources, visit www.asco.org. Patient-oriented cancer information  is available at www.Cancer.Net